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VISANCO is a specialized technical consultancy, which has been consolidated in 1997 with performance in the following fields: Health Surveillance and Inspection, Quality Control Systems, Development of Products, Legislation and Technical Regulation; Dossiers Structuring for Clinical Research (DDCM and DICD); Regulatory Clinical Research (Ethical and Technical); Research registration by ANVISA Brazil and Platform; Good Manufacture Practice Certificate, Auditing related to the areas of Health Surveillance, Pharmaceutical Assistance and Staff Qualification.

Información Comercial.

E-mail: atendimento@visanco.com.br

Teléfono: +556133409636 / +556130306303

País/es donde brinda servicios: Brazil and all other countries performing International Audits in Good Manufacture Practices in Quality Control, Storage and Distribution (GMP and GSDP).

Dirección: Scrn 714/715 bloco D loja 40. Distrito Federal, Brazil.

Código postal: 70761640.

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